South Africa Travel Guide

When looking for fun activities while on your South Africa travel experience there are a number of places that are just like home for you and your family to experience while visiting South Africa. These places will be sure to have the children happy in your family as well as the adults. Below you will come across a number of places to see while you and your family experience South Africa travel arrangements.

Be sure to look for the Gold Reef City where you will have the choice to visit an casino as well as a amusement park for the children to see and play around in. The amusement park offers a number of rides for the children as well as the adults and will allow for the children to enjoy themselves while the parents sick back and watch and enjoy a nice cold beverage.

In the Gold Reef City Casino the adults will have a choice of different games to play such as the standard games of slots and sports tables as well as betting areas for such sports as horse racing. The casino will allow for the adults on vacation to enjoy themselves as well as the children. You will be able to leave the older children in charge while you go off for an hour or two to enjoy a game of blackjack or spin the slots for an hour or so. You do not have to just travel from city to city everyday. You will be able to sit back and relax while vacationing as well.

If you are interested in traveling and visiting a theatre while you cross South Africa travel locations be sure to check into the Johannesburg’s Globe Theatre where the theater opened in the years of 1890 and first showed the actual first moving picture in all of South Africa. The replica of the Globe Theatre was created in Gold City Reef. It may not be the real theater but the same essence is present when visiting this location.

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